A coming-of-age novel set in 1970

Ten-year-old boy Bobby deals with the turmoil in his home and in the outside world by wishing for the simpler times he sees depicted in his favorite Westerns. When Bobby’s dog, Junior, gets in trouble, Bobby hits the trail with him, calculating that hightailing it to Mexico will save Junior from the pokey. His plans for freedom are sidetracked when a man with a grudge tracks him down.

The Cowboy is a good read for adults and contains material suitable for kids, but because of adult themes, parental guidance is suggested for kids under twelve years old.

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The Third in the Paul Garza Series

Months after Donny Lind’s honorable discharge from Army service, he awakens injured in a hospital stateside to find himself accused by federal agents of kidnapping and extortion. He has no recollection of the crimes, but the evidence against him is indisputable. He flees his accusers, and when his childhood friends learn of the accusations they embark on a search for Donny, and the truth. With fellow combat veterans Paul Garza and Donny’s cousin, he works to unravel the mystery while on the run from law enforcement agents that are as desperate to capture him as he is to elude them.

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Can the Rescuer Rescue Herself?

A young mountaineer and her father are forced into an expedition to recover loot from a downed plane. The treasures they find at altitude are not what they expected, and make the hazards of finding their way back down seem impossible to overcome.

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